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Start-Up Company Lanistar Uses the Latest Technological Innovations

Banking is an essential activity for most citizens, yet they often spend a lot of time completing their banking transactions. To overcome the many problems faced by banking customers, a new fintech start-up company Lanistar will launch in early 2021. The bank hopes to use the latest technology to make it easy and safe for the customers to manage their money conveniently using their smartphones, wherever they are. The founders of the company hope that the hi-tech bank will become a Unicorn Company revolutionizing banking in Europe with its innovative use of technology.


In its quest to become a Unicorn Company Lanistar is offering customers a wide range of payment options so that they conveniently and securely transfer money to their vendors using their smartphone. They have a specialized Devops system for ensuring that the money transfer is instantaneous and secure, making it ideal for business of all sizes.

Innovation in banking platform

Lanistar hopes to become a leader in Challenger Banking by using the latest technology innovations to its customers.  Instead of using online payment for checking the balance in the account, the debit card may be used for checking the balances and for other transactions. Automated services for forex purchase and direct loans are also available.

Increasing financial literacy

Banks are gradually realizing the importance of financial literacy for their customers, since this will ensure that they will save more money with the bank. These customers are also more likely to take a loan and purchase other financial products from the bank. Online payment provider, start up company Lanistar is planning to use different methods to increase the financial literacy of the various different target groups. Some of the focus groups are children, teenagers, young people, young couples, senior citizens, small business owners and non-profit organizations. If a person is able to prevent wastage of money, they are likely to become successful in other fields also.

Different types of accounts

Start up company Lanistar offers customer accounts that will have all the features required for completing the transactions quickly and conveniently. Depending on their requirement, customers can opt for either a debit or prepaid Visa card.

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