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Revitalising Multilateralism: Practical Concepts for the New WTO

Simon Evenett, Richard Baldwin

In the middle of profound modern shifts and shocks facing humankind, a quarter of a century after its creation the WTO is obviously not where pressing trade problems are being resolved. Using the COVID-19 pandemic as a lens, this eBook offers insights into the underlying options faced by WTO members and uses practical suggestions for a WTO work program over the next three years.


Revitalising multilateral trade cooperation: Why? Why Now? And How?

Simon J. Evenett and Richard Baldwin

Section 1: Enhancing the crisis management capabilities of the WTO

1 Versus the clock: 8 steps to enhance WTO crisis management

Alejandro Jara

2 COVID-19 trade policy procedures, G20 statements and WTO reform

Bernard Hoekman

3 How the WTO kept talking: Lessons from the COVID-19 crisis

Patrick Low and Robert Wolfe

4 Role of trade ministers at the WTO throughout crises: Activating international cooperation to overcome COVID-19

Anabel González

5 COVID-19 and beyond: What the WTO can do

Ujal Singh Bhatia

6 A crisis-era moratorium on tariff increases

Alessandro Nicita and Marcelo Olarreaga

Section 2: Reassessing the WTO’s place on the planet trading system: The pandemic and beyond

7 Cumulative COVID-19 constraints and the global maritime network

Inga Heiland and Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe

8 Reviving air transport and worldwide commerce

Camilla B. Bosanquet and Kenneth J. Button

9 Lessons from the pandemic for trade assistance and the WTO

Yann Duval

10 Lessons from the pandemic for trade cooperation on cross-border supply chains

Sébastien Miroudot

11 Three actions to help with international distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine

Caroline Freund and Christine McDaniel

12 Lessons from the pandemic for FDI screening practices

Xinquan Tu and Siqi Li

13 Feminising WTO 2.0

Mia Mikic and Vanika Sharma

Section 3: Revamping the WTO guideline book because of the pandemic

14 A pandemic trade offer: Trade and policy cooperation on medical products

Alvaro Espitia, Nadia Rocha and Michele Ruta

15 Lessons from the pandemic for future WTO subsidy rules

Dessie Ambaw, Peter Draper and Henry Gao

16 State ownership stakes before and throughout the COVID-19 business support steps: Implications for future international cooperation

Przemyslaw Kowalski

17 COVID-19 as a catalyst for another bout of export mercantilism

Simon J. Evenett

18 Lessons from the pandemic for trade cooperation in digital services

Erik van der Marel

19 The short-lived movement of natural persons (Mode 4): The need for a viewpoint

L Alan Winters

20 Lessons from the pandemic for WTO deal with farming trade and support

Peter Ungphakorn

21 Technical guidelines in the WTO: The need to enhance openness

Biswajit Dhar

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