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Lanistar Challenger Bank Sets to Be the Next Fintech Unicorn

Lanistar challenger bank is emerging as the next fintech unicorn in 2020 according to many financial experts. The online multi-currency account which is set to be launched soon hopes to take the UK and the entire Europe by storm with its multi-technological features. The card feature contains polymorphic strategies to simplify banking activities for customers around Europe. To this extent, Lanistar management is developing financial technologies that will enable customers to bank with ease and speed.

Lanistar is going above and beyond to form a network of values across numerous industries through a central ecosystem where customers can derive immense economic value. Within the established banking ecosystem, customers will be able to enjoy better financial services at lower costs with greater convenience. This ecosystem will protect customers from the exploitation of conventional banks, with only internet banks led by Lanistar able to provide these transactional services.

Meanwhile, Lanistar challenger bank is looking forward to making its system a one-stop shop for all financial services. From transferring huge payments to distant countries to buying cryptocurrencies and managing a single business account operable in multi-currencies, Lanistar remains committed to providing business customers the best banking facilities in 2020.

One of the ways that Lanistar aims to emerge the next fintech unicorn in 2020 is with the scheduled release of its interactive LCD display debit card. This responsive card can be used for debit, credit and ATM withdrawal purposes. Its touch-sensitive buttons can be used to input queries that will generate one-time passwords (OTP) to authenticate huge payment transfers.

Lanistar CEO said the multi-functional LCD display debit card will revolutionize online payment transfers in the banking industry.The fintech start-up is also working hard on data encryption and financial security for all customers. The CEO is working on futuristic digital technologies to protect the personal details and financial data of its customers across the world. To this extent, Lanistar is working to ensure that customers access its online financial services through devices that provide increased security in the areas of data encryption from end to end.

Lanistar’s plan to disrupt the financial sector is emerging as 2020 rolls in, and before the end of the year the online bank plans to become the greatest fintech unicorn in the internet banking industry.

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