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COVID 19: ‘Every factor’ to think some areas in England could have

Some parts of England might have their coronavirus restrictions alleviated prior to Christmas, a cabinet minister has told Sky News.

Speaking to Kay Burley, Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick stated there was “every reason” to think some locations could be moved down the COVID-19 tier system when there is a review in the middle of December.

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” It is possible,” he said.


” There will be an evaluation point in 14 days’ time, around December 16.

” At that point we – recommended by the professionals – will take a look at each local authority location and see whether there is possible to move down the tiers.

” There were a number of places which were rather finely well balanced judgments where they were on the cusp of different tiers. Those are the locations that are most likely to be because position.”

Mr Jenrick said a relaxation of constraints over Christmas – which will see three households allowed to mix over five days – will likely “drive some greater rate of infection”.

” Our general technique is attempting to ensure the tiers hold the line and that locations are in a procedure of de-escalation,” he continued.

” What we do not want to do is reduce up too rapidly and after that find that in January we are having to put tiers back in place once again.

” But there is every reason to believe that locations could see a change at December 16-17 time.”

Ahead of the end of the second national lockdown on 2 December, the allocation of the tiers was revealed on Thursday.

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It was exposed that 99% of England’s population will fall under the 2 most difficult tiers.

About 32 million individuals – covering 57.3% of England – will fall into Tier 2.

However 23.3 million people – 41.5% of the population – are going to be positioned in Tier 3.

Please use Chrome internet browser for a more accessible video player Tougher tiers could continue into 2021

Large parts of the Midlands, the North East and the North West will undergo the severest measures.

Hospitality venues will be closed in the run-up to Christmas unless they can offer takeaway or shipment services, and families are forbidden from blending indoors.

However figures recommend that, of the 119 locations that will be in Tier 3 from next week, only 8 have actually reported an increase in coronavirus cases.

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Boris Johnson is facing the possibility of a revolt amongst Conservative MPs when the measures are put to a vote in the Commons next week.

According to a tally by Sky News, more than 50 Tory MPs have actually gone public with their issues over tiering or have said they are unlikely to support the measures when it comes to a vote.

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